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My passion for photography started in 2013 but wasn't fully a part of my life until 2017 when I decided to step away from college. During my break, I found myself spending a lot of time in nature and taking road trips--to which I realized I wanted to somehow help our planet and showcase all of the gorgeous places I was photographing. In 2021 I finally graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Geography with a focus in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado Denver.


 Being alive and conscious in this world is nothing short of a miracle. We are only here for a small fraction of time and I intend to cherish every waking moment. From nights alone sitting atop my car rooftop staring at the moon, to even the smallest encounters of human connection. Photography is an incredible medium that allows me to appreciate the present without attachment or expectation. It is a teacher of patience, spontaneity, gratitude, and growth. 

When I'm not behind the camera or taking road trips, you can catch me playing/watching hockey (go Avs!), cuddling my best adventure partner Harley, in the gym, or trying to learn more about how to be my best and happiest self. 

I hope you enjoy the adventures I take, forever locked in a moment. 


With love,




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